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About OFY

Options For Youth Charter Schools (OFY) is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation specializing in developing and implementing programs that expand educational opportunities for public school students.

History of OFY

As teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District during the 1980's, John and Joan Hall saw countless students struggling to fit in and do well in a traditional high school setting. Committed to providing students with an alternative to one size fits all, traditional learning environments, in 1987 the Halls established Options for Youth (OFY) Public Charter Schools. When California’s Charter School Law passed in 1993, Options For Youth opened the first charter school in California located in Victor Valley. Today, Options for Youth has 31 flexible alternative learning school sites state-wide that are similar to school libraries or study halls and provide a safe, friendly atmosphere for learning. Students work one-on-one with assigned teachers or in small groups. Schools are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

From its inception, OFY’s mission has been to recover students who have dropped out of traditional schools or have fallen behind in credits and are at risk of failing. This highly successful program has established a track record of achievement in strengthening student performance. OFY student test scores and graduation rates consistently rank equal to, or above, those of comparable schools.

Options For Youth schools believe that every child has a choice, a dream and can be a leader. They help students succeed by placing a premium on core values such as personal responsibility, academic performance and accountability.

Our year-round academic program enables at-risk youth to earn a high school diploma by preparing them to return to their home schools, or by permitting them, through independent study, to complete their credits for graduation.

What Makes OFY Unique

At OFY, our effectiveness stems from a focus on building close relationships with our students and creating a safe learning environment that allows them to thrive. The following are hallmarks of our program:

Student Commitment: Students attend our schools by choice – they want to be with us. All students sign a contract stating their commitment to earn a high school diploma by voluntarily adhering to our enrollment requirements; attendance, work production, test performance, and graduation.

Guided Individual Instruction: Our students receive personalized attention from qualified teachers who care about them and their success.

Small Group Instruction: Students can take advantage of tutorials and small group instruction with a credentialed teacher when additional help is needed.

Flexible & Self-Paced: Students work independently and at a pace tailored to each individual’s ability and learning level, as teachers keep them on track to graduate in an appropriate time period.

Open Enrollment: In our year-round program, students can enroll at any time.

Continuous Learning: Our schools are open 12 months a year. This means more time spent learning with minimal interruptions.

Subject Matter Focused: Our curriculum is paced to one or two subjects at a time, helping students be in control and focused, and encouraging them to gain self-confidence.

Accountability: Our students are monitored and tested on a regular basis to ensure progress in meeting required State of California standards. All students are required to pass the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) and to participate in all other state-mandated testing.

About OFY

Options For Youth Charter Schools (OFY) is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation specializing in developing and implementing programs that expand educational opportunities for public school children. OFY has provided such programs to school districts since 1987 and is one of the nation’s oldest providers of outsourced educational programs to public schools. OFY has worked with numerous school districts, including the nation’s largest, and has served more than 50,000 students. OFY’s programs are patterned after the success of its Victor Valley charter school, the first start-up charter school in California to receive accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The Burbank, San Gabriel, San Juan, and Upland charter schools have also received WASC accreditation.

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